Should Government Offices Go Virtual Desktop?

Since the launching of the Philippine Government computerization initiative MITHI (Medium Term Information and Communications Technology Harmonization Initiative) many Government offices have ‘computerized’ and facilitated processes and their services but somehow the public is still not very happy, so to speak, of what they get from the agencies, especially services related results.


Computerization and digitization of processes is not a guarantee that services, particularly public service items, will be automatically “easy-access”.

Going down deep into the crevices of government offices not to mention the office table will require a skill that can only come from the years of practice and exposure to the government paper-documentation system.

Thus, it is more than computers and digitization that will improve the Government accessibility initiative.

It will take people to have it all done, it will take not only IT people but every government officer will have to be “digitally-oriented”.

The latest of this technologies is virtualization of office desktops or VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) that intends to reduce and minimize resource utilization. Meaning a centralized computer system is in place to simplify operation maintenance. Gone are the days when you have to have a battalion of IT personnel to service hundreds of computers in one big office, not to mention a government office in a National agency.

Goodluck will be most likely the next ingredient to success of digitizing the Philippine Government offices, the DBM (Department of Budget and Management) have made all its efforts to start-up but the aces is already on the last and final dealer of the game, the Government officers of the land.


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